Chrysosplenium davidianum



Habitat: wet crevices and banks


Soil: wet but not waterlogged


Height: 15 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 30 cm

  chrysoplenium_davidianum.jpg   chrysoplenium_davidianum2.jpg   chrysosplenium_davidianum4.jpg

  Chrysosplenium davidianum   Chrysosplenium davidianum   Chrysosplenium davidianum

This genus includes two British natives, known as golden saxifrages, but every member of the genus is golden. They are mat-forming perennials with fleshy foliage bearing numerous, small flowers, but the colour is given mainly by the prominent bracts, which last much longer than flowers, so these are colourful plants for several months. They are all good for ground cover in damp, cool places.

Chrysosplenium davidianum is larger in leaf and flower than our native species, and is a first-rate ground cover in cool, damp places. It makes a dense, weed-suppressing mat of light green foliage, with long-lasting, flat-topped heads of bright yellow bracts, which look good for many months.
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Chrysosplenium - some other suggestions
chrysosplenium_macrophyllum2.jpg Chrysosplenium macrophyllum is a really excellent plant for a woodland or other cool damp place. It makes a clump of thick, leathery, slightly hairy leaves and in spring puts up a stem with an umbel of flowers that are really white, but have such prominent pink stamens that they look pale pink from a distance. These flowers are made even more impressive by large, pale green bracts. Then it produces long runners, each of which eventually gives a new plant, so over a few years it can give a substantial and extremely impressive display.