Centaurea bagadensis


Centaurea bagadensis

Habitat: full sun

Flowering: late spring to early summer

Height: 20 cm

Width: 20 cm

Soil: moist but well drained

These are the cornflowers and knapweeds, with very characteristic composite heads of long-petalled outer, sterile, florets and a boss of shorter, fertile florets. This array is surrounded by neatly overlapping bracts, hairy at the upper edge. There are hundreds of species of Centaurea in Europe, so identification is often difficult.

Centaurea bagadensis is outstanding. Many soft pink feathery petals are perfect against the lovely rosette of silvery grey leaves.
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Centaurea - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Centaurea affinis is a knapweed from Greece, with pale pinky-purple flower heads stnading above the silvery leaves.
invisible.gif Centaurea karabaghensis comes from the Caucasus, and has rarely been in cultivation. It is rather like the better known Centaurea dealbata, and has grey-hairy leaves and quite tall stems with lots of deep rosy pink flowers.
invisible.gif Centaurea pestalozzae is a neat western Turkish plant, with rosettes of hairy, pinnate leaves and bright yellow flowers, quite large, almost stemless. In drier areas it will do well outside in the rock garden, otherwise grow it in an alpine house or cold greenhouse.