Celmisia angustifolia AGM



Habitat: sun or partial shade


Soil: moist but well drained


Height: 25 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 50 cm



Celmisias (New Zealand Daisies) are perhaps the best known of New Zealand's alpine flora. They range from robust clumps of strap-shaped leaves to dwarf alpines. Most have softly hairy, grey foliage, and all have white, yellow-centred daisy flowers.

Celmisia angustifolia is a sub-shrub, in time spreading to give wide mats, with lots of daisy flowers, smaller than in some of the tufted species.
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Celmisia - some other suggestions
celmisia_allanii.jpg Celmisia allanii is one of the easiest species, and quickly makes a low, spreading mat. The slightly woody stems are covered in softly hairy leaves, pale grey above and almost pure white below. The large (about 3 cm across) white daisy flowers are produced singly on short stems, and there can be huge numbers of them.