Campanula hofmannii


Campanula hofmannii

Habitat: stony places

Flowering: summer

Height: 50 cm

Width: 40 cm

Soil: gritty, well drained

Symphyandras are just like Campanulas, separated on a botanical technicality, but just as good. (The stamens are joined together, to make a tube that surrounds the style.) There are tall ones and small ones, mostly liking gritty, well-drained sites in full sun. Some will grow on dry walls. Symphyandra zangezura is particularly effective for us grown in this way.

Campanula hofmannii has branching stems, with creamy-white flowers at the tip of every branch. It is usually biennial.
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Symphyandra - some other suggestions
symphyandra_zangezura.jpg Campanula zangezura has lobed leaves and violet blue flowers, over a very long period. Perennial.