Betula medwediewii



Habitat: full sun or dappled shade


Soil: fertile, well drained


Height: 4 m


Flowering: spring


Width: 2.0 m



Birches are excellent trees for small gardens, with lovely fresh green leaves in spring, casting light shade in summer, usually golden yellow leaves in autumn, and wonderful bark all year, but particularly prominent in winter. The one drawback is that the roots are near the surface, so there is competition for nutrients if other plants are placed too close.

Betula medwediewii is a rare species from the Caucasus, where it is found in the western Transcaucasus and in nother-east Turkey. It is a multi-stemmed, spreading shrub with metallic bark and large, ovate, dark green leaves. The male catkins are long and prominent, but the female ones are inconspicuous.
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Betula - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Betula bomiensis is a small tree with distinctive arching branches, eventually growing to about 8 m. It grows wild on the edges of broad-leaved forests or dry scrub. Only four collections exist in herbaria, these coming from places spread over more than 1000 km in eastern Xizang and Qinghai. It is self-incompatible, so several plants must be grown together if seed that will come true is desired.
betula_megrelica.jpg Betula megrelica is a rare species from the Caucasus, where it is known only on Mount Migaria and Mount Jvari in north-western Georgia. It is closely related to Betula medwediewii, from the same region, but it has been shown that it is decaploid rather than dodecaploid. It is a small, spreading, multi-stemmed shrub, with brown young shoots ageing to grey, and the leaves are quite large, about 5 x 3 cm.
invisible.gif Betula ovalifolia is a shrub birch from the Far East, collected by Maurice Foster. It does have oval(ish) leaves, yellow in autumn, and dark grey-brown bark, slightly downy.
IMH_7183.jpg Betula utilis subsp. albosinensis is a good example of a variable small tree, which in this case has reddish brown bark flecked with grey, and peeling to give a wonderful translucent, golden brown colour.