Berberis heterophylla



Habitat: sun or partial shade


Soil: any good garden soil


Height: 1.2 m


Flowering: late spring, fruit in autumn


Width: 1.2 m



The genus Berberis includes many valuable shrubs, typically very spiny, with yellow or orange flowers, followed in autumn by red fruits.

Berberis heterophylla has small, glossy leaves on tall, thorny stems. The bright yellow flowers smother the branches in spring and there are blue-black fruits in autumn.
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Berberis - some other suggestions
berberis_hm1919a.jpg Berberis aff. hamiltoniana is a pretty dwarf shrub, with small, holly-like leaves lining the red, spreading stems, and clusters of yellow flowers. So far it hasn't been given a name.
invisible.gif Berberis microphylla is a paragon of virtue: it looks great as a foliage shrub; it has lovely yellow flowers; and it has blue-black berries, which make excellent jam, highly sought after in its native Patagonia. The small, glossy, deep green leaves are prickly, like tiny holly leaves.
invisible.gif Berberis pruinosa is distinguished by its fruit, which are thickly covered with a silvery grey 'bloom', so that the underlying deep purplish black colour is effectively completely hidden. These fruit are borne in large numbers on arching stems, which earlier have yellow flowers, and have small, bright green leaves.
IMH_7359.jpg Berberis SDR7930 is a striking shrub, with arching stems lined with small, evergreen leaves and in autumn also lined with clusters of quite large, bright red fruit. It was a plant that caught our attention from a distance - not least because we wanted to put it between us and a pursuing yak bull!