Aster souliei



Habitat: sun or partial shade


Soil: fertile, well drained


Height: 30 cm


Flowering: early summer


Width: 20 cm



The alpine asters are short, clump-forming perennials, with large daisy flowers, usually pink or pale purple with yellow centres. Their stature and liking for well-drained soil make them obvious rock garden species. They include the European species Aster alpinus, and many other species from North America and Asia.

Aster souliei is a lovely species, suitable for a large rock garden, which has large violet to purple flowes with orange centres. It is named after one of the many Jesuit missionaries in China at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.
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Aster - alpine varieties - some other suggestions
aster_alpinus_pinkie.jpg Aster alpinus has lavender coloured ray florets.
invisible.gif Aster alpinus var. albus has white flowers with yellow centres, instead of the usual pinky-purple colour.
invisible.gif Aster likiangensis was not easy to track down. Searching this down on the web led to a statement that Aster likiangensis (from Lijiang in China) was a synonym for Aster asteroides (i.e. the one that looks like an aster: true but not helpful). That led to a statement that this was a synonym for Sericocarpus asteroides. That comes from the eastern part of north America - which is rather a long way from western China, botanically as well as geographically. No doubt all will be revealed when it flowers. Meanwhile, expect flat-topped sprays of flowers, each individual flower having a few white rays and yellow centres.
aster_small_ness.jpg Aster 'Small-Ness' is a plant we were given, which is believed to be a three-way hybrid, (Aster laevis x A. lateriflorus) x A. dumosa 'Prof. Anton Kippenberg’. But it is an outstandingly good, low daisy, which covers itself with unbelievable numbers of light pinkish blue, red-centred flowers, and multiplies well from cuttings. It is vigorous, dought-tolerant and completely resistant to mildew.
invisible.gif Aster stracheyi is a rare, dwarf, creeping variety with short-stemmed pale lilac flowers and short fleshy leaves. It comes from the western Himalaya.
aster_tongolensis.jpg Aster tongolensis is a lovely daisy with long narrow purple petals, and a big bright orange-yellow centre.