Arum italicum subsp. italicum 'Marmoratum' AGM


Arum italicum

Habitat: woodland

Flowering: late spring, berries in autumn

Height: 30 cm

Width: 20 cm

Soil: with plenty of humus

Arums are unusual plants, with flowers consisting of a hood, called a spathe, with the sexual parts, the spadix, inside. The spathe has interesting colours, usually muted greens, browns, creams, often with vertical stripes. The flowers are followed by dense spikes of red fruit in the autumn.

Arum italicum subsp. italicum 'Marmoratum' has broad, shiny leaves beautifully patterned with conspicuous white veins, making this a valuable plant throughout the summer. The greenish yellow arum flowers are an interesting addition in the spring. But its best performance is in autumn, when the sho
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Arum - some other suggestions
arum_maculatum2.jpg Arum maculatum is an easy, vigorous plant with greenish yellow spathes, and lovely spikes of orange-red fruit in autumn.
invisible.gif Arum nigrum is a rarity from Croatia, with deep green leaves and an extremely dark flowers, which of course are not really black, but very, very dark maroon. The spadix is a much lighter colour, and by contrasting with the spathe emphasises the depth of colour of the latter.