Ajuga reptans



Habitat: partial shade


Soil: any moist soil


Height: 15 cm


Flowering: late spring to early summer


Width: 30 cm

  ajuga_reptans.jpg   ajuga_reptans2.jpg    

  Ajuga reptans   Ajuga reptans    

It is rare to find a ground-cover plant that flourishes in both sun and shade, but this genus has one commonly cultivated species, which does just that. Ajuga reptans has rosettes of dark red/green leaves spread by runners, and short spikes of deep blue flowers.

Ajuga reptans is the most usual form, with dark foliage, particularly in places where it gets reasonably good light. In thse places it will also produce the lovely blue flowers more abundantly.
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Ajuga - some other suggestions
ajuga_reptans_valfredda.jpg Ajuga reptans 'Valfredda' is a miniature variety that originated in Italy, that makes mounds of chocolate brown, narrow leaves. In spring the foliage is covered with little spikes of deep blue-lavender flowers.