Agapanthus campanulatus var. albidus



Habitat: sunny places


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 60 cm


Flowering: late summer


Width: 30 cm



Lovely summer-flowering plants, with fresh green upright strap leaves, and spherical heads of flowers. These are usually light blue, but there are darker blue and white varieties. The seed heads can sometimes be dried for winter decoration.

Agapanthus campanulatus var. albidus has large heads of pure white flowers, which retain their struucture well, so that they can be dried to make winter decorations. This species is very hardy.
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Agapanthus - some other suggestions
agapanthus_albus.jpg Agapanthus 'Albus' produces magnificent large umbels of pure white flowers above strappy green leaves.
invisible.gif Agapanthus 'Lilliput' produces compact, rounded umbels of dark blue flowers above narrow green leaves.
invisible.gif Agapanthus praecox is a clump forming native of Natal and Cape of Good Hope, S Africa; with strap-like leaves and rich, dramatic blue flowers
invisible.gif Agapanthus 'Underway' was named for 'Underway', the garden of the plantsman Norman Hadden. It produces umbels of pretty soft pale blue flowers above lush green strap like leaves.