Adenophora stricta subsp. confusa



Habitat: sunny places


Soil: any good garden soil


Height: 1 m


Flowering: late summer


Width: 30 cm



This is a genus closely related to Campanula, with the common name Ladybells, with both tall and dwarf species. They have leafy, erect stems with spikes of bell flowers, usually in shades of purple-blue.

Adenophora stricta subsp. confusa has leafy flower spikes bearing deep blue to purple-blue nodding, bell-shaped flowers. This is a pretty plant sometimes known as ladybells.
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Adenophora - some other suggestions
invisible.gif Adenophora liliifolia is an erect perennial with leafy, branching stems and flaring, bell-shaped, lilac blue to pale blue flowers which are mildly fragrant. It is commonly called ladybells.
invisible.gif Adenophora tashiroi has tall erect, leafy stems holding whorls of nodding, violet-blue bells that are gently fragrant. It grows wild in Japan and Korea.
invisible.gif Adenophora triphylla has erect flower stems with whorls of tubular blue flowers with very dark calyces and pedicels. The species comes from east Asia - Japan, China and the far eastern parts of Russia. Plants in cultivation at present are generally derived from a collection from Sakhalin Island.