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Francoa sonchifolia 'Pink Giant'


Habitat: sunny places


Soil: gritty, well drained


Height: 90 cm


Flowering: summer


Width: 40 cm



This is a genus of lovely herbaceous perennials, often known as the 'Bridal Wreath', with tall, narrow spikes packed with four-petalled flowers above evergreen rosettes of crinkly foliage. There are white- and pink-flowered forms, but all tend to have a darker stripe along the centre line of each petal. They originally came from Chile.

Francoa sonchifolia 'Pink Giant' is vigorous seed strain, in which the tall stems are packed with exceptionally large flowers, pink with a much deeper pink stripe along the centre of each petals.
2 litre pot £8.00

invisible.gif Francoa sonchifolia is an attractive variety of the 'Bridal Wreath', with single stems smothered in small, light pink flowers, with deeper pink markings. The rosettes of basal leaves are fresh green and crinkled.
invisible.gif Francoa sonchifolia 'Alba' is a white flowered variety (but with a pink line on each petal) of the 'Bridal Wreath'.