Anemone coronaria 'Die Braut'


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Anemone coronaria 'Die Braut'

Habitat: full sun

Flowering: early summer to mid autumn

Height: 20 cm

Width: 20 cm

Soil: light, sandy (keep dry when dormant)

Great plants for a bright, showy spring display, or for cutting. Perhaps reflecting their Mediterranean origins, they produce velvety, exotic, relatively large (up to 8 cm across) blooms in red, blue or white, with anthers and stamens in matching colours. They have delicately lobed 3-palmate leaves. They should be kept dry during their dormant period after flowering; mulch in winter. They have generated many cultivars.

Anemone coronaria 'Die Braut' has semi-double pure white flowers. It is also commonly known by the English translation of its varietal name, 'The Bride'.
100 bulbs £8.00

Anemone coronaria varieties - some other suggestions
Anemone Anemone coronaria 'Bicolor' has single white flowers with central ring of red.
Anemone Anemone coronaria De Caen Group is a mixture of all the familiar colours, ranging from bright red through purple and pink to white, and including blue. A popular plant for cutting, as well as enjoying in the garden.
Anemone Anemone coronaria 'Hollandia' has deep scarlet double flowers with black centres.
Anemone Anemone coronaria 'Lord Lieutenant' has intense blue flowers.
Anemone Anemone coronaria 'Mister Fokker' has violet-blue flowers.
anemone Anemone coronaria 'Mount Everest' is a variety with pure white flowers.
Anemone Anemone coronaria Saint Bridgid Group has large, showy, semi-double flowers of a strong pink-purple colour, with dark stamens.
Anemone Anemone coronaria 'Sylphide' has violet flowers.
Anemone Anemone coronaria 'The Admiral' has semi-double violet flowers.
Anemone Anemone coronaria 'The Governor' is a variety with brilliant scarlet flowers.