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We aim to be environmentally friendly, so our composts are loam-based, which improves the ability of plants to take to their new environment. We would describe our composts as 'low-peat'.

We aim to be responsible. All bulbs are from cultivated stock. We do use small quantities of seed that have been collected in the wild, but do not approve of extensive harvesting of wild seed for commercial purposes.

We aim to maintain stocks of unusual plants in cultivation, and we encourage customers to propagate such plants to ensure their continued survival. If you are buying the rarest plants, please buy more than one, so that you have a chance of gaining viable seed.

We aim to encourage cultivation of plants in their native countries, so that local people can benefit from their flora without exploiting wild populations of plants, and so that plants are produced in the optimum climatic conditions.

We aim to conserve our own native plants and are growing an increasing number of them.

We aim to keep the nursery's contribution to global warming to a minimum.
The present concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about  ppm and, as you can see, rising. That figure is based on an actual measurement of  ppm  days ago and an average daily increase of  ppm.
Wood-burning stoves, which are reckoned to be CO2-neutral, have greatly reduced our dependence on electricity. We also deliver plants whenever possible by combining our boxes or parcels or pallets with those of other businesses. And all those trees we have planted are doing their bit to absorb carbon dioxide.