Harrogate 2015

Harrogate Flower Show, April 2015
h15-1  Our display was a simple square, with a mountain area almost surrounded by plants from woods and damp places. h15-2  Here is a view from the opposite side ... h15-3  ... and this shows much of the woodland area, with lots of trilliums on the left, anemones and primulas dominating on the right. h15-4  Here a scree descends from the 'mountain' to the edge, providing a home for Bukiniczia cabulica and some spiky Aciphyllas. These all appeared in displays through the season.
h15-5  We usually have a 'Primula corner', where a range of the little ones are shown. Here the display includes forms of Primula calderiana, with Meconopsis x cookei behind. h15-6  This damp valley has lots of yellow flowers, including Trollius, Narcissus, Erythronium, Anemone and Primula. h15-7  A ledge on the side of the mountain provides a home for some specialities ... h15-8  ... including red Primula maximowiczii ...
h15-9  ... and this strange Meconopsis. The best fit is Meconopsis integrifolia subsp. souliei, but maybe it is yet another new taxon. h15-10  This lovely pink form of Pulsatilla vulgaris sat at the top, where the light shone through its petals. h15-11  Below it were other colour forms of Pulsatilla, and this yellow Fritillaria collina. h15-12  A highlight of the woodland area was Trillium pusillum, grown by Alison Ward.