Harrogate 2014

The Kevock Garden Plants display at Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2014
IMG 1198  A rocky peak was surrounded by plants for cooler, damper, woodland conditions. IMG 1213  Here you can see the driest aspect of the 'mountain. IMG 1191  Meconopsis punicea and x cookei stand either side of a range of small primulas. IMG 1201  Primula henrici (usually called Primula bracteata, but that is something quite different).
IMG 1236  Primula calderiana. IMG 1237  Meconopsis x cookei. IMG 1262  The white-flowered form (leucanthum) of Glaucidium palmatum. IMG 1266  Trillium erectum x flexipes was one of many Trillium varieties included in the display.
IMG 1276  Trillium grandflorum f. roseum. IMG 1270  A close-up of Zaluzianskaya ovata .... IMG 1272  .... and Zaluzianskaya 'Orange Eye' - the most popular plant in the display. Gentiana acaulis  Gentiana acaulis.