Gardening Scotland 2012

Kevock Garden Plants at Gardening Scotland 2012
  • gs12-1  From the front the view was of a stony valley, separating two areas of plants for cool and damp places. On the left there was a mound of primulas, Trollius, peonies and much more, topped with Meconopsis, including 'Huntfield', 'Slieve Donard' and 'Lingholm'. To the right was a narrower band of orchids, Paris, Arisaema and the first primulas.
  • gs12-2  At the other side of the display was the alpine area, with Lewisias, Corydalis tomentella, Scilla, Celmisa and many others.
  • gs12-3  Here you can see Lewisia 'George Henley' at the front, Aster alpines to the left, with Erinus alpinus and Incarvillea delavayi behind, while to the right are Lewisia 'Little Peach', with Saxifraga 'Rainsley Seedling' behind.
  • gs12-4  At the top are Celmisia 'Eggleston Silver' and a mass of saxifrages.
  • gs12-5  The saxifrages - 'Nicholas', 'Monarch' and 'Rosa Tubbs' poured over a steep cliff face.
  • gs12-6  At the base of a second steep, rock face grew Meconopsis punicea - as always a great attraction. When the door was open and the wind blew, Meconopsis and saxifrages moved together.
  • gs12-7  Over the days of the show we watched Meconopsis flowers opening, while petals dropped from the older flowers.
  • gs12-8  Between the alpine and damper areas there was a mossy valley, filled with a huge variety of small primulas.
  • gs12-9  We even included some of the tiniest ones. Here is Primula prenantha ...
  • gs12-10  ... and this is Primula tibetica. The white-flowered one is the first that we had ever seen.
  • gs12-11  Back to the front again, where the Kevock Garden stone - always to be found somewhere in our display - was partly hidden behind Trollius 'Lemon Supreme' - a short-stemmed variety with double flowers.
  • gs12-12  It was here that we found our award certificate - the new category 'Premier Gold Medal'. Only 5 of these can be awarded, so we were pleased with the outcome.