Chelsea 2014

The Kevock Garden Plants display at Chelsea Flower Show 2014
chelsea 2014 view 1 chelsea 2014 view 2  The bright orange and yellow coloured primulas are on the left, pinks and reds and purples on the right. chelsea 2014 view 3  Cascading saxifrages were prominent in the rocky area. chelsea 2014 view 4  As always, we had an area with many species of primulas, mainly from the Sinohimalayan region.
Trillium hybrid  This hybrid Trillium was also a favourite. Dactylorhiza Broomhill Beauty  Dactylorhiza 'Broomhill Beauty' was greatly admired. Arisaema wilsonii  Arisaema wilsonii was dramatic, especially when viewed from below, with light shining through .... Arisaema griffithii  .... and Arisaema griffithii var. pradhanii added drama to a shady corner.
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium  An easily grown plant with a very complicated name - Chiastophyllum oppositifolium - lined the cool central valley, and we were asked about it hundreds of times. Saxifraga Brynhyfryd hybrid  This new saxifraga, with dense spikes of white flowers and a spreading habit, was also the centre of attention. Primula sikkimensis hybrid  Hybrid primulas with muted colours contrasted with the massed bright ones. Primula ambita  Primula ambita made its first public appearance.
Meconopsis punicea  Meconopsis punicea, as always, attracted a lot of attention, but the most frequently asked question was .... Meconopsis Lingholm  .... what is that blue flower? A Himalayan blue poppy, Meconopsis, on this occasion a stand of 'Lingholm'. visitor 1  Visitors kept us busy for 12 hours a day for 6 days, visitor 2  although some of them didn't stay for long. Thanks to Linda of Waterside Nursery for this photo.
construction 1  How does it all happen? Turn this heap of bits add pieces .... construction 2  .... into this. construction 3  Friends and family help; Margie and Bryan are old hands construction 4  and Kate is a new member of the family.
construction 5  After one day the alpine part is well on the way to completion construction 6  Graham and Stella start on the mound of Meconopsis and primulas, construction 7  while Andy works on Arisaema and Paris, BBC filming  so when the BBC come round, everything is ready.