Gardening Scotland 2014

The Kevock Garden Plants display at Gardening Scotland 2014
Gardening Scotland 2014 view 1  The structure of rocks came straight from Chelsea, but the plants were almost entirely new. view 2  Once again the rocky outcrop had alpine plants, particularly saxifrages, while the cooler, damper areas had Meconopsis, Primulas and orchids. display and sales  There were plants for sale, but the sales area looked like an extension of the display.
alpine area  The alpine area included Campanula moesiaca, Corydalis tomentella, Calceolaria biflora and Incarvillea zhongdianensis. Saxifraga Nicholas  Saxifraga 'Nicholas' covered the steep rocks. Meconopsis and Primula  The Meconopsis were mainly 'Huntfield', and there was a wide range of candelabra and sikkimensis type of primulas. primulas  There were lots of species of primulas, particularly at this corner, at the bottom of a mossy valley ....
more primulas  .... and further round were Primula sikkimensis, in both the usual yellow form and in a wonderful deep red form. Primula ambita  Rare Primula ambita had even more flowers than at Chelsea.