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We thought that you might like to see some events at the nursery, or pictures from some of our expeditions. We will add more when we have time!

When you open any album, you can click through the pictures one by one, or start a slideshow. At any time if you move the mouse you will see controls that allow you do various things, including showing the captions to the pictures.

Photographs of exceptional events in the garden and at the nursery

Not everything that happens is under our control. Indeed, sometimes it seems that nothing is under our control.

Winter 2011-2012 This was exceptionally windy, with a series of gales in December and January.

Winter 2010-2011 There was more snow this winter than anyone could remember, and it came very early indeed, starting before the end of November.

Photographs of some of our expeditions

Our visits to mountains around the world enable us to see many of the plants that we like to grow in our garden and at the nursery. We learn how to grow them - and sometimes learn why we have failed in the past!

The Dolomites, late June 2015 A short visit at the peak of the alpine flower season.

The Dolomites, September 2014 One-day and two-day hikes in the Dolomites, with wild scenery and some late-flowering alpine plants.

NW Yunnan and SW Sichuan in China, June to July 2014 Hunting for some primulas that have been seen little or not at all for a century of more, and enjoying many other plants along the way.

Autumn bulbs in the Peloponnese Masses of autumn-flowering bulbs in the Peloponnese, southern Greece, in late October 2013.

Nepal 2011 The Langtang valley, Gosainkund, and back to Kathmandu via Helambu.

Earthquake, fire and flood

Christmas in Queensland, sandwiched between visits to North and South Islands of New Zealand

New Zealand North Island, 2010 Rotorua, The Tongariro Crossing, Mt Holdsworth.